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Looking to become a successful affiliate, then you’ve come to the right place.

Betting on sports and horses, and playing online casino continues to attract millions of customers from all over the world, which makes a smart choice when looking for a profitable Affiliate Program to promote.

Sportsbook, Racebook and Casino Affiliates earn some of the highest commissions in the online affiliate marketing industry because they‘re promoting a proven entertainment niche in a multi-million dollar market, which continues to evolve and grow.

Our brands offer the widest selection of sports betting lines from all major sporting events worldwide. It’s easy to convert prospective leads into real-money players with customer brands we promote such as:,,,, and!

Some of the most popular wagering features offered include live-betting which allows players to wager even after kick off, competitive parlays and teasers on select sports, among other favored betting options, such as betting on props and futures.

Earn up to 35% of the (NGR) Net Gaming Revenue from the players you send:

25% = $1 to $9,999

27% = $10,000 to $19,999

30% = $20,0000 to $29,999

35% = $30,000 Plus

Contact your Affiliate Manager or and request more details.

We offer our affiliates an extensive collection of marketing tools so you can spend more time marketing your website. We have a large variety of banners in all types and sizes, text links, co-branded landing pages and more. If there are banner sizes that you cannot find at our banner farm, please let us know and we will have it customized for your site.

We are dedicated to keeping our affiliates happy making money and will continue to provide innovative marketing material, statistical reporting, responsive customer service and monthly commission payments through your choice of a variety of payment methods.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at

GPWA Sponsor Program

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association Sponsor Affiliate Program

GPWA Sponsor Program

The GPWA Sponsor Affiliate Program seal is awarded to sponsor affiliate programs that agree to follow the GPWA code of conduct.

The seal has been awarded to gold sponsor Web Partners

The GPWA code of conduct includes the following provisions that are to be followed both by the affiliate program and the operators they represent:

  • Abides by all laws, regulations, and license requirements of the jurisdictions within which they operate.
  • Is truthful in all promotions and publishes only accurate information about their operations.
  • Publicly discloses any rules and registration procedures affecting affiliates or the public.
  • Uses only ethical means of promotion either directly or indirectly through others.
  • Pays both affiliates and players promptly in accordance with published terms and conditions.
  • Promptly responds to complaints either by affiliates or by affiliates on behalf of their players.
  • Accepts responsibility for compliance with the terms of the sponsor code of conduct.

Affiliate programs are run by people, and people sometimes make mistakes, so GPWA sponsor affiliate programs may sometimes fail to comply with the code of conduct. Good affiliate programs act in an ethical fashion, take responsibility for their mistakes, and work hard to ensure they are corrected. The GPWA operates independent forums for sponsor affiliate programs to create an environment where there is visibility around the interactions between affiliates and sponsor affiliate programs. This transparency enables affiliates to review the experiences of their peers and factor that information into considering whether they wish to work with a particular affiliate program. If you have experience with Web Partners, either positive or negative, please share your opinion with your fellow affiliates in the GPWA Web Partners forum. And if you believe that Web Partners has failed to promptly rectify any breach of the code of conduct, please post your observations in the GPWA Web Partners forum so they can respond.