July 23, 2017

NBA Playoffs Second Round Preview & Predictions


The second round of the National Basketball Association postseason is set, and now, the remaining 8 teams left in the postseason will engage in a fierce battle for a ticket to the conference finals and eventually, to the National Championship series. We all know that this is the best time of the season for all pro hoops fans and that most NBA bettors tare looking for free sportsbetting advice that would give ’em a clearer idea on what team may win the championship, so let’s take a look at the Second Round matches and preview each of the playoff series in the Western and Eastern conferences:

Cleveland Cavaliers over Toronto Raptors in 4 Games

This is a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals of a season ago. The Cleveland Cavaliers have flipped the switch a bit, and are playing good basketball. Cleveland swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round, and are now coming for Toronto. LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are the defending champions, and are going to make quick and easy work of the Toronto Raptors. One thing Milwaukee did in the first round is wear Toronto down. Take the Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 games over the Toronto Raptors. Cleveland is a massive favorite to win this series. The Cavaliers are -550 over the Raptors.

Cavs vs raptors 2017 nba playoffs

Boston Celtics over Washington Wizards in 7 Games

The home team is going to win every game in this series. The Celtics won their final four games of the series over the Bulls, and appear to be playing good basketball. Washington needed 6 games to down the Hawks, and played well at home. Look for the home team to win every game in this series, as Isaiah Thomas dominates at the Garden, and Wall and Beal take over the show in the nation’s capital. In a great series, the Celtics down the Wizards in 7 games. The Boston Celtics are -350 to win this series over the Washington Wizards.

Celtics vs Wizards

Golden State Warriors over Utah Jazz in 4 Games

Much like the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, the Golden State Warriors are going to run the table in the Western Conference. The Cavaliers and Warriors are going to play in the NBA Finals for the third straight season. The Warriors swept the Trail Blazers, and we expect Golden State to sweep the Jazz as well. Utah went the distance in a series win over the Clippers. The Jazz just do not have enough offense to keep up with the Warriors here. Bet on the Golden State Warriors in 4 games over the Utah Jazz. The Golden State Warriors are massive favorites to win this series.

Warriors vs Jazz

San Antonio Spurs over Houston Rockets in 6 games

James Harden and the high scoring Houston Rockets against San Antonio and their fundamental, grind it out style of basketball. The Rockets are going to want to run the basketball up and down the court. If they can dictate the pace, they are going to have quite the chance. After a game or two though, the Spurs are going to be able to slow Houston down. Take the more disciplined team in this one. The Spurs over the Rockets in 6 games. The San Antonio Spurs are -260 to win this series.

Spurs vs Rockets

There you have it. Those are our predictions for the second round of the postseason. Best of luck with your NBA Predictions, and enjoy the games. Let’s hope for some great games, and some awesome series results.


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