Game of Thrones Futures

Game of Thrones Futures

It’s almost that time that Game of Thrones fans have long been waiting for; the epic conclusion of the long-standing television show.

In this final season, we will finally get to see who the ruler of Westeros will be; if there will even be one.

If you have an inkling of who that might be, will let you throw money down on your selected GoT character.

I’ve selected a few that I believe have some value, and I’ve outlined them below.

Danaerys Targaryen, +300

This to me is the obvious choice other than Jon Snow. However, Jon Snow is a little too obvious, and that’s not how Game of Thrones operates.

To me, Danaerys has felt like the shows actual main character from the beginning.

George R.R. Martin has continually claimed that the ending of the series will be “bittersweet.” So I think a very likely scenario is Jon Snow is killed while battling the White Walkers alongside Daenerys.

Why Daenerys will rule Westeros:

  1. She has the strongest claim to the throne. Daenerys is now the last surviving member of the Targaryen family that we know of after the death of her two brothers Rhaegar and Viserys. Following the usurpation of her father Aerys II Targaryen, who at the time was the ruler of Westeros, a Targaryen would have an extremely strong claim to the throne.
  2. She has the strongest army. By far. And it hasn’t stopped growing. The only army that can oppose Daenerys’ army is that of the White Walkers as we still don’t even know how big their army could be. I believe the White Walkers are the only formidable opponent that can stand in her way.
  3. She is a ruler of the people. One of the reasons why her army is so large is because people actually want to fight for her. She has freed many groups of people, and she comes across as fair.
  4. Tyrion is her secondin-command. Every leader needs an educated advisor, and Tyrion may be the most intelligent character in the show. He will help her steer sway from impulsive or dangerous decisions on her way to the throne.
  5. She has dragons. Need I say more?

Why Daenerys won’t rule Westeros:

There seems to be a theory that Daenerys will be one of the next main characters to die.

Redditor u/ShadowSwipe has pointed out:

“Game of Thrones has always included a substantial amount of foreshadowing. Before Dany leaves Dragon Stone Tyrion brings up her line of succession. It seems reasonable at the time considering the battle that just happened, but it also felt a little odd that the show chose to focus on a seemingly insignificant dialogue bit like that which would never be addressed again for the rest of the season.

I am convinced that Dany will perish in the upcoming season. I believe that this brief and almost forgettable argument between her and Tyrion is yet another example of the show foreshadowing distant events in the future. There is no way that such a serious topic that was brushed off and never touched on again is not relevant to the story.”

If ShadowSwipe is correct, Daenerys has no chance at the throne.

Another reason I think she may not rule Westeros is that similar to Jon, this ending would be a little obvious. What we know about GoT is to expect the unexpected, and it might be wise to continue to do so.

I don’t think +300 is enough juice for this bet, as I believe there are other valuable options on the board.


Tyrion Lannister, +850

Assuming Jon and Daenerys fall in battle, Tyrion could be the next best choice.

Why Tyrion will rule Westeros:

  1. Tyrion is one, if not the most level-headed and intelligent characters in GoT. These attributes would make for a great leader and one that people could get behind.
  2. There is a fan theory that suggests the youngest Lannister is actually the Mad King’s son (and Daenerys’s brother). You can read up on the theory here:
  3. He has many accomplishments so far: King’s Landing was the most peaceful after Robert’s fall when Tyrion was in charge, he lead the charge in the Battle of Blackwater, he has formed a trust and bond with many allies of different houses.
  4. Tyrion has maneuvered his way to be the Hand of the Queen, and there’s no telling what kind of chess moves he can make to become King.
  5. Tyrion and Sansa’s marriage might be the only way to unite the North and the South.

Why Tyrion won’t rule Westeros:

He’s not a physically empowering character and it might be hard to get people to support him because of this.

Many characters have a claim to the throne before Tyrion, so they would have to die off before he is eligible.

However, don’t put this scenario past GoT as every character we know and love can be gone at any moment.

At +850, I think there is some value in this pick.


Arya Stark, +1000

Arya is arguably the most bad-ass character in the show. I could totally see GoT throwing a curveball and having Arya rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Why Arya will rule Westeros:

  1. Her face-swapping abilities. She can theoretically face-swap with any character and if she wanted to bad enough, becoming queen would only be a few steps away.
  2. Her highly advanced sword work. Arya has been training since the beginning of the show, and being a great leader in battle would be respected by her people.
  3. Her ruthless vengeance. Arya has a kill list, and becoming queen can help her execute this list that much easier.

Why Arya won’t rule Westeros:

Similar to Tyrion, her claim to the throne isn’t that strong, and many people before her would have to die.

We aren’t sure if she even wants to be Queen.

However, Arya is actually my favorite pick if I were to gamble on this. It’s not going to be a character everyone is expecting, and I think Arya is the perfect candidate.


The Night King, +650

If the Night King wins you know everyone of the living has to die.

Can this epic story end that way?

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Ruler of Westeros by The End of Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon Snow +175
Bran Stark +250
Daenarys Targaryen +300
Arya Stark +1000
The Night King +650
Tyrion Lannister +850
Sansa Stark +1300
Cersei Lannister +1600
Gendry +1800
Samwell Tarly +2000
Jamie Lannister +2500


First to Perish in Game of Thrones Season 8

Yara Greyjoy +200
Theon Greyjoy +400
The Mountain +500
Enroy Greyjoy +800
Tormund Giantsbane +800
Bronn +1000
The Hound +1200
Gendry +1400
Jorah Mormont +1400
Davos Seaworth +1600
Brienne +1800
Cersei Lanister +2000
The Night King +2000
Varys +2200
Arya Stark +2500
Samwell Tarly +3300
Tyrion Lannister +4000
Sansa Stark +4000
Bran Stark +5000
Jon Snow +6600
Daenerys Targaryen +10000