Next Webpartners Affiliate Contest – TBA

The 2019-2020 Affiliate Version of this NFL SuperContest will be made available shortly. If you want in on this mybookie player account one where you can win a $100K prize up top for first place. You will need to open a player account and make you entry in the contest section. It's $100 per entry. Click on the banner for more details: Bet on MyBookie
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    Webpartners Affiliate 2019-20 NFL SuperContest (Affiliates Only)

    We’re almost there to announce details for this year’s NFL Football – Affiliate SuperContest.

    More details to come soon.

    The premise will be to follow the SuperContest format.

    Participants will make 5 ATS “Against the Spread” NFL picks each week. The contestant who correctly earns the most points for the entire NFL football season will be declared the champion and collect the grand prize. Other leaderboard prizes will be announced as well.

    This year’s NFL Pick’em contest will have some minimum requirements to enter:

    1. Participants must be an active Affiliate promoting and or two of more of our other brands.
    2. Affiliates will be required to send confirmation of listing(s) via URLs
    3. Affiliates will be required to have sent at least 3 FTDs (“First-time Depositor”) within the last 3 months and or 10 FTDs over the 2019-20 NFL season to qualify for prizes.
    4. Affiliates outside the FTD requirement. Will be given consideration in other categories, NGR, Sign-ups and or overall marketing efforts.
    5. Affiliates who do not meet our min. requirements will be bumped out of the leaderboard standings and ineligible for prizes.

    With only a couple weeks to go it’s best to get your Mybookie review and banners updated for football season. We’re excited to offer this new format and have some fun this season.

    If you have questions please contact us at




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    145th Kentucky Derby - Webpartners Affiliate Contest

    First Annual Kentucky Derby Affiliates Contest results are in:

    The fastest two minutes in sports was hit with some controversy.

    The winning horse “Maximum Security” was disqualified for an illegal lane change.

    The official final finishers to the 145th Kentucky Derby were:

    1. Country House
    2. Code of Honor
    3. Tacitus


    #20 Country House: $132.40 (Win), $56.60 (Place), $24.60 (Show)

    #13 Code of Honor: $15.20 (Place), $9.80 (Show)

    #8 Tacitus: $5.60 (Show)

    $2 Exacta: (20-13) $3,009.60

    $1 Trifecta: (20-13-8) $11,475.30

    $1 Superfecta: (20-13-8-5) $51,400.10

    Contest Leaderboard:

    Name Points Place
    MMAreporter 4 1st
    marcosanchez 4 1st
    Trifecta 3 2nd
    FlurrySports 3 2nd
    Team Spooky 3 2nd
    KievMc 3 2nd
    Gridirongold 1 3rd



    First place wins $300

    Second place earns $200

    Third place wins $100

     Thanks for playing!


    All the best,

    Team WebPartners

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    March Madness 2018-2019 (NCAA Basketball) - Affiliate Bracket Leaderboard Results

    Top 3 March Madness Brackets in the Affiliate Contest pool were:

    First place ($650 cash): texas tech

    Second place ($250): Bracket-11049

    Third place ($100): The Spooky Express

    Worst bracket ($50):

    Congratulations to this year’s winners.

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    NFL 2018-2019 Handicappers Contest Leaderboard Results Week #17 FINAL RESULTS

  5. 5
    NFL 2017- 2018 Handicappers Contest Leaderboard - FINAL RESULTS

  6. 6
    First Place 2017 March Madness Bracket Contest Winner

  7. 7
    NFL 2016 - 17 Handicappers Contest Leaderboard - Winners

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