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    Erin – Affiliate Program Director

    Erin is the Marketing junkie at Web Partners putting 25 years of advertising and affiliate experience to good use. With successful stints at the industries biggest and best Sportsbooks; Erin’s impressive network, passion for Marketing and knowledge base makes her a friend to many and a valuable resource to affiliates. She deservedly now acts as fearless leader, chief baker and token Canadian at Web Partners.

    Erin is also an avid animal lover, a retired mascot, a Star Wars aficionado and afraid of moths.

    Toll Free: 1 (877) 314-8588 | Skype: argue.erin | Email: Erin@webpartners.co

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    Callie – Affiliate Manager

    Callie, or Beyonce as she is known around the office, may be the youngest on the team but she has 5 years experience in this business, having worked her way from the bottom to the top. Callie is fastidious, detail-oriented and bilingual in Spanish and English. She helps keep us all on track and knows how to work a ‘Mean Girls’ reference into any given situation. Affiliates and colleagues adore working with Callie, in part because she keeps hot sauce in her bag.

    When Callie isn’t busting her butt at the office, she practices Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and takes marathon naps.

    Toll Free: 1 (877) 314-8588 | Skype: sportsbook.callie | Email: callie@webpartners.co

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    Javier – Affiliate Marketing Administrator

    Javier joins our program bringing with him 8 years experience in every facet of the industry. He is clever, creative and organized and grows a very impressive beard. Javier is bilingual in Spanish and English, speaks Italian and is also learning German! His passion for languages is matched only by his love of pizza. Ninja Turtles are even impressed by how much he can eat.

    Javi also practices Karate and Judo, is an avid Lord of the Rings fan and has an impressive collection of 80’s era T-shirts.

    Toll Free: 1 (833) 394-8119 | Email: Javier@webpartners.co

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    Shawn - Affiliate Marketing Administrator

    Shawn joined the team when our need for critical thinking, and Seahawks support, had reached a perilous state. He brings 5 years of industry experience to WebPartners and has impressive knowledge of Reggae Music. He’s a laid-back guy who believes in positive vibes but don’t let the chill factor fool you; he’s an absolute beast at his job!

    Shawn is a huge Seahawks fan, a wine enthusiast and will eat absolutely anything you put in front of him. (Seriously, he could go ‘reality show’ with that talent)

    Toll Free: 1 (859) 823-5274 | Email: shawn@webpartners.co

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    TJ - Affiliate Manager

    TJ comes with a wealth of experience with over 12 years’ in the iGaming Industry. He’s worked under some of the most successful operator and affiliate network brands this side of the Kentucky. After a brief hiatus working outside the iGaming Business for a few years or what some refer to as “Off-Season”, he back and looking to build some good relationships. We look forward to having him on our team and to see his continued growth and winning ways.

    Toll Free: 1 (844) 255-0062 | Email: tj@webpartners.co | Skype:live:tj_3211

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    Jane - Affiliate Manager

    Jane is the latest addition to our team and its no coincidence she’s named for the great Jane Austen. In the 15 years she has spent in the business she has watched Pride & Predudice roughly 1000 times. She is crafty, organized and bilingual in Spanish and English and possibly the nicest person in our company. We may lose her one day to the Italian countryside, when her love of travel whisks her away to Tuscany, but until that time we’ll continue to lure her with pasta.

    Jane is also a soccer goalie, an unabashed lover of 80’s music and has a knack for doing accents.

    Toll Free: 1 (833) 394-8119 | Email: Jane@webpartners.co


Nestled in the central valley of sunny Costa Rica, we’ve built a talented, full-service Marketing team. Our account professionals are responsive and adaptable; managing accounts with skill and nerdy enthusiasm. Each member of our growing team is here not only because they’re talented and experienced but because they love what they do.

GPWA Sponsor Program

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association Sponsor Affiliate Program

GPWA Sponsor Program

The GPWA Sponsor Affiliate Program seal is awarded to sponsor affiliate programs that agree to follow the GPWA code of conduct.

The seal has been awarded to gold sponsor Web Partners

The GPWA code of conduct includes the following provisions that are to be followed both by the affiliate program and the operators they represent:

  • Abides by all laws, regulations, and license requirements of the jurisdictions within which they operate.
  • Is truthful in all promotions and publishes only accurate information about their operations.
  • Publicly discloses any rules and registration procedures affecting affiliates or the public.
  • Uses only ethical means of promotion either directly or indirectly through others.
  • Pays both affiliates and players promptly in accordance with published terms and conditions.
  • Promptly responds to complaints either by affiliates or by affiliates on behalf of their players.
  • Accepts responsibility for compliance with the terms of the sponsor code of conduct.

Affiliate programs are run by people, and people sometimes make mistakes, so GPWA sponsor affiliate programs may sometimes fail to comply with the code of conduct. Good affiliate programs act in an ethical fashion, take responsibility for their mistakes, and work hard to ensure they are corrected. The GPWA operates independent forums for sponsor affiliate programs to create an environment where there is visibility around the interactions between affiliates and sponsor affiliate programs. This transparency enables affiliates to review the experiences of their peers and factor that information into considering whether they wish to work with a particular affiliate program. If you have experience with Web Partners, either positive or negative, please share your opinion with your fellow affiliates in the GPWA Web Partners forum. And if you believe that Web Partners has failed to promptly rectify any breach of the code of conduct, please post your observations in the GPWA Web Partners forum so they can respond.