July 23, 2017

NBA Playoffs Second Round Preview & Predictions

The National Basketball Association has seen its regular season come and go. It was a great regular season with some great story lines. But, now, the real excitement begins. The NBA Playoffs are here, and bettors are looking forward to it. Betting on the NBA Playoffs can certainly be profitable, especially if you know what you are doing. Let’s take a look at the some optimal betting tips and strategies for the NBA Playoffs:

1. Injuries play massive factor

Be sure to check out the injury report before you bet on a game. Injuries rarely happen where a key factor misses a game in the postseason, but when they do – they are a huge deal. Teams played 82 regular season games with many of their top players for.

NBA Injuries
2. Look for Home/Road Records

Some teams are just flat out unbeatable at home, and some teams just stink on the road. This really plays out in the postseason, because the games are ramped up, and the crowds are even more excitable. Do your homework before you make your bet and know how teams do where the game is at.reason. Losing a top guy is a huge loss. Check them out.

3. Watch the Public Opinion

While the public is not always the answer – a great view at betting on the postseason is to watch what the public opinion of the game is. The public influences the line greatly. Watch this, and know that odds makers are using it to influence the betting line.

4. Look for home underdogs

Games are typically close in the postseason. While this is not ALWAYS true, a lot of times you will see very competitive games. If you see a team at home, and they are an underdog, at least give them a look. These are games that require you to take a closer look at, and maybe give it a shot.

5. Momentum can be fickle

While you may believe in momentum when discussing postseason basketball, fine. But, keep in mind, momentum can switch sides awfully quick. Just because a team played really well in the previous game, missing a few shots, or turning the ball over a couple times can really change the momentum.

NBA Playoffs Cavs
6. Star players win basketball games

Simple as that. When you are betting on the game, unless there is a huge mismatch between the full roster of one side over the other side – this is HUGE when betting on basketball. The best players on the court often times help teams win games, and especially in postseason games.

There you have it. The NBA Postseason is not only exciting, but provides a great chance to win some serious money. We hope you take some of our thoughts, and put them to good use. Best of luck betting on the NBA playoffs, and enjoy the action on the hardwood!


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