Nestled in the central valley of sunny Costa Rica, we’ve built a talented, full-service Marketing team. Our account professionals are responsive and adaptable; managing accounts with skill and nerdy enthusiasm. Each member of our growing team is here not only because they’re talented and experienced but because they love what they do.


Erin – Affiliate Program Director
Erin is the Marketing junkie at Web Partners putting 23 years of advertising and affiliate experience to good use. With successful stints at the industries biggest and best Sportsbooks; Erin’s impressive network and knowledge base makes her a friend to many and a valuable resource to affiliates. She developed a passion for Marketing at an early age and now acts as fearless leader and head baker at Web Partners.

Erin is also an avid animal lover, a retired mascot, a Star Wars aficionado and afraid of moths.

Toll Free: 1 (877) 314-8588 | Skype: argue.erin | Email:


Terry – Affiliate Manager
Terry entered the industry looking for that level of excitement that traditional careers just don’t offer. He is outgoing, hands-on and speaks roughly 10 words of Spanish. He has years of experience in programming and a degree in Marketing Management. Terry invariably understands user-interface and customer experience. He is a natural-born account manager and specialist in analytics.

Terry is also a father of three, an ardent Canucks fan and he eats sandwiches for lunch every day. (Yes we tease him about it)

Toll Free: 1 (859) 823-5274 | Email:


Callie – Affiliate Manager
Callie, or Beyonce as she is known around the office, may be the youngest on the team but she has 5 years experience in this business, having worked her way from the bottom to the top. Callie is fastidious, detail-oriented and bilingual in Spanish and English. She helps keep us all on track and knows how to work a ‘Mean Girls’ reference into any given situation. Affiliates and colleagues adore working with Callie and all animals love her.

When Callie isn’t busting her butt at the office, she practices Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and takes marathon naps.

Toll Free: 1 (877) 314-8588 | Skype: sportsbook.callie | Email:


Javier – Boss Man Administrator
Javier joins our program bringing with him 8 years experience in every facet of the industry. He is clever, creative and organized and grows a very impressive beard. Javier is bilingual in Spanish and English, speaks Italian and Dutch and is also learning German! His passion for languages is matched only by his love of pizza. Ninja Turtles are even impressed by how much he can eat.

Javi also practices Karate and Judo, is an avid Lord of the Rings fan and has an impressive collection of 80’s era T-shirts.

Toll Free: 1 (859) 823-5274 | Email: