One of the biggest days in the off-season of the National Football League has come and gone. No, it was not the annual Draft, which will be taking place very soon. What happened was the release of the National Football League schedule. It’s a huge day for NFL betting fans in general, as they can now get a great gauge of how their team is going to do. Wait, there are 4 months between now and the first game. But, what you can do is start making bets. Future bets are awesome, and very popular just after the schedule release. Let’s take a look at some of our betting tips on how to use NFL Schedule to predict how teams would play and eventually, to handicap your future bets:

Check out the strength of schedule

While the NFL does a better job than most at limiting strength of schedule, one of the first things you want to do is check the strength of schedule for any of the teams you are looking to bet on. If you think a number is too high or too low, check the schedule, and if it screams out something- make the bet. There is something to strength of schedule, but remember, the NFL changes quite a bit each season.

2017 NFL Schedule

Look for home games that can be won

When the schedule comes out, and you think Vegas has done a pretty poor job at giving over/under wins for the season – a tiebreaker to actually place the bet can be done with home games. Check out the teams that they will play at home. If it seems favorable, or absolutely not – this seems to be a great time to bet the over or the under for the win total.

2017 NFL Season

Check out the road schedule

Sometimes, teams have crazy travel schedules. The National Football League has done a better job of not putting crazy travel schedules out there. The National Football League is tough to play, and even tougher on the road. If you are on the road for a long period of times, it wears you down even more. The tough back to back, or three straight travel games are awfully tough on teams.

Look for Strong Quarterbacks Playing against weak defenses

Quarterbacks win games in the National Football League. Once you see the schedule release, it’s time to start looking at some of the best quarterbacks, and their matchups. Many will be on the win totals based on the quarterbacks, so this seems to be a pretty legitimate way to bet.

Check for teams that don’t usually play in bad weather

The weather is a major factor that every sports bettor must take in consideration before making any picks. Do the San Diego Chargers, who always play in 70 degree weathers, start in New York, where it could snow? Sure, the beginning of the season doesn’t mean a ton of snow, and to be fair, weather could affect a large percentage of games all year. But, check this out. Check out, and know the climate, and when it typically strikes in the NFL.

There you have it. When the National Football League schedule is released, make sure you are taking advantage of it to bet the win total for the upcoming season. Best of luck!