Using the NFL Schedule to Handicap your Future Bets

One of the biggest days in the off-season of the National Football League has come and gone. No, it was not the annual Draft, which will be taking place very soon. What happened was the release of the National Football League schedule. It’s a huge day for NFL betting fans … Read More

Betting Tips for the NCAA Basketball Championship (March Madness)

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is always one of the heaviest bet on sporting events in all of the calendar. It’s four frantic days, followed by three days off, then four more days of games. It culminates the following weekend, with the Final Four. Betting is always something that keeps the … Read More

NFL Wild Card

Handicapping the NFL Wild Card Round

The National Football League has a few weeks left of the regular season, and following that, we will get ourselves into the postseason of the league. The first week of the postseason is known as the wildcard round. There is a pretty good way to look at betting on the … Read More


Optimal Strategy for the College Football Bowl Season

The College Football season has reached the bowl season. The bowl games are many people’s favorite time of year. The best part of the bowl season is there are games pretty much on a daily basis for two straight weeks. You can make some pretty good money when you are … Read More

Bold Predictions for the Last 4 weeks of NFL

The National Football League just keeps flying by. The league has had its ups and downs this season, but in the end, we all know it’s a great product, and as the saying goes: Football is king. There are a few weeks left in the season, but the final 4 … Read More

College Football Games you can’t Miss this Week

The final regular season week of the year for many college football teams has arrived. This is one of the best weeks of the season, because there are games all week. Games on Tuesday and Wednesday, lead to Thanksgiving Day games, and then Friday and Saturday there is a nice … Read More


Spotting Fake Tipsters

When you are betting on sports, the best advice we can give you is make your own picks. There are tons of ways you could “follow” someone else’s picks, but to be honest, it’s best just to do your own. Sure, you can follow different accounts and see what … Read More

Best Games in NFL Week 10

There are some great games in the National Football League Week 10. It’s amazing – the league has gone through 9 weeks already. We are in the second half of the season, and the postseason picture is continuing to come together, which makes it the perfect time for some NFL Read More

A Look at the NCAA Football Rankings

The NCAA Football season is flying by. This time of year, the biggest factor is the College Football rankings that come out. The top four will head to the College Football playoff, and of course the rest will get sorted into bowl games from there on out. So let’s take … Read More


Losing NFL Teams that Still Stand a Chance This Season

After 7 weeks of the National Football League, it’s time to start looking ahead at which teams really have a chance at the postseason, and which teams will likely play out the string in the regular season. There are several losing teams that still have a chance to get into … Read More