5 Affiliate Practices You Should Avoid

Being an affiliate can be a fun and exciting way to make money online with your website. There are many tips to being a successful affiliate in the industry. But today, we are going to look at five affiliate marketing tips on some of the practices you should avoid at … Read More

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Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know

With the growth of the Internet, a popular thing for entrepreneurs and online website owners to dabble in, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing has been something that has spread throughout brands and businesses. Much like most things in business, you need to have a good idea of how it works … Read More

Green Bay Packers 2016 NFL Preseason

Top Predictions NFL Preseason Week 4

The National Football League has moved to it’s final preseason week of the season. There should be some interesting games played, with all 16 of them slated for Thursday. When you are getting ready to bet on these games, make sure you have done all of your homework. Understand that … Read More

College Football Handicapping

Best ways to Handicap the First Week of College Football Betting

The College Football season is here. We know we are excited for the start of the season, and we hope you are too. The College Football season is an extremely busy time to bet. The season is long, and exciting, and always provides great opportunities for some excellent betting. When … Read More

Mailing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Mailing Campaign

One of the great keys in a success business is creating a successful mailing campaign. It’s important you know what you are doing before you start diving into this practice. Half the battle in being successful at whatever you are choosing to do is understanding how it works. Let’s take … Read More

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Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Social Media

There are no if’s and’s or butt’s about it. If you want your brand to grow, you must use Social Media. Social Media is being used all over the world, and for everything imaginable. But, you cannot just use Social Media, and expect it to work for you and your … Read More


Optimal Strategy for Betting Longshots

There is a time and a place for betting on longshots, or as many betting aficionados would call them, big underdogs. Part of betting on the National Football League, or any sport is knowing when to bet and how to bet. Just because there are odds and spreads that seem … Read More


Our New Site is Live!


MyBookie.ag is getting ready for the kickoff of football season with the launch of their newly redesigned website; making it easier than ever for bettors to wager on their favorite sports. With continued dedication to being an industry leader, MyBookie.ag’s site improvements … Read More


Rejuvenate Your Online Marketing Campaigns Through These 8 Salient Steps

Did you know that just 44 percent of B2B marketers that publish original content have a well-established and documented strategy in place to guide their marketing endeavors? Well, given the radically changing nature of online marketing campaigns and strategies for the same, it is not a rarity to find people … Read More


Expert Online Marketing Tips for SMEs and SMBs

Over the recent decades, the world of online marketing has undergone continual refinement and tremendous advents to better our products and services, while achieving higher levels of profitability for our businesses. Even so, deciding on the best marketing methods for our businesses, especially if you own a small or even … Read More