College Football Handicapping

Best ways to Handicap the First Week of College Football Betting

The College Football season is here. We know we are excited for the start of the season, and we hope you are too. The College Football season is an extremely busy time to bet. The season is long, and exciting, and always provides great opportunities for some excellent betting. When … Read More

Mailing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Mailing Campaign

One of the great keys in a success business is creating a successful mailing campaign. It’s important you know what you are doing before you start diving into this practice. Half the battle in being successful at whatever you are choosing to do is understanding how it works. Let’s take … Read More

Marketing blog

Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Social Media

There are no if’s and’s or butt’s about it. If you want your brand to grow, you must use Social Media. Social Media is being used all over the world, and for everything imaginable. But, you cannot just use Social Media, and expect it to work for you and your … Read More


Optimal Strategy for Betting Longshots

There is a time and a place for betting on longshots, or as many betting aficionados would call them, big underdogs. Part of betting on the National Football League, or any sport is knowing when to bet and how to bet. Just because there are odds and spreads that seem … Read More


Our New Site is Live!

MYBOOKIE ROLLS OUT NEW DESIGN & SITE LAYOUT is getting ready for the kickoff of football season with the launch of their newly redesigned website; making it easier than ever for bettors to wager on their favorite sports. With continued dedication to being an industry leader,’s site improvements … Read More


Rejuvenate Your Online Marketing Campaigns Through These 8 Salient Steps

Did you know that just 44 percent of B2B marketers that publish original content have a well-established and documented strategy in place to guide their marketing endeavors? Well, given the radically changing nature of online marketing campaigns and strategies for the same, it is not a rarity to find people … Read More


Expert Online Marketing Tips for SMEs and SMBs

Over the recent decades, the world of online marketing has undergone continual refinement and tremendous advents to better our products and services, while achieving higher levels of profitability for our businesses. Even so, deciding on the best marketing methods for our businesses, especially if you own a small or even … Read More


5 Unique Photography SEO Tips For You (that Others Don’t Know)

Thanks to the advent of language translators and plagiarism checkers, pretty much everyone can claim to be a marketing guru and publish a couple of articles in the name of SEO tips. Not to misconstrue the value of some of such articles, especially if you can find decent information from … Read More


Hottest Trends and News on Social Media

A lot has been going on in the realms of social media marketing over the recent weeks and it’s hard to keep tabs on everything. But as a way of helping you to stay updated on the latest developments, we’ve sampled the hottest social media trends and news buzzing all … Read More


Five SEO Strategies that May Not Be Working For Your Rankings

Among the things that could be hurting your ranking, the use of outdated SEO strategies is probably one of the biggest marketing sins. Unfortunately, it might not be easy for you to notice the strategies to avoid, especially if you are not an SEO expert or a professional in the … Read More