Spotting Fake Tipsters

When you are betting on sports, the best advice we can give you is make your own picks. There are tons of ways you could “follow” someone else’s picks, but to be honest, it’s best just to do your own. Sure, you can follow different accounts and see what … Read More

Best Games in NFL Week 10

There are some great games in the National Football League Week 10. It’s amazing – the league has gone through 9 weeks already. We are in the second half of the season, and the postseason picture is continuing to come together, which makes it the perfect time for some NFL Read More

A Look at the NCAA Football Rankings

The NCAA Football season is flying by. This time of year, the biggest factor is the College Football rankings that come out. The top four will head to the College Football playoff, and of course the rest will get sorted into bowl games from there on out. So let’s take … Read More


Online Reputation Management: What is it and How This Would Help your Business

You reputation is everything! This applies to you as a person and as a business. Online reputation management is a newer service that is available to businesses that want to manage their reputation. What does that mean? Maybe you have made some mistakes in the past and when someone Googles … Read More

New MyBookie Banners

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New Banners Available!

It’s time to freshen up your site with new banners. Our creative team has been working hard and have just added three new banner sets to our marketing folder. Check out the new NBA, Breeders Cup and a new generic sports MyBookie banners available right now. New … Read More


Expert Online Marketing Tips for Small Affiliates

If you are a small affiliate that is looking to get rolling inside the web, there are several things you need to know to make sure your site is building the way you want it to. Let’s take a look at some expert online marketing tips for small affiliates:… Read More


5 Marketing Strategies for Sports Betting Affiliates

So, one of the buzzing industries in society now is a Sports Betting Affiliate. While the betting affiliate is not really the initial place to enter the bet, they are a place to get you signed up, and be a mecca for all things related. In this case, all the … Read More


Losing NFL Teams that Still Stand a Chance This Season

After 7 weeks of the National Football League, it’s time to start looking ahead at which teams really have a chance at the postseason, and which teams will likely play out the string in the regular season. There are several losing teams that still have a chance to get into … Read More

How to Promote Sports Betting Affiliate Programs with Confidence

Online sportsbooks have been around in some form or another for decades. Over the past decade, promoting betting sites, casinos, poker rooms and some other betting services by becoming an agent or simply using their sportsbook affiliate programs has become popular for sports and gambling related websites. What does that … Read More


Top Games in NFL Week 7

The National Football League has been fantastic through the first six weeks, and we see another great schedule of games for this coming week 7. The Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys do not play this week, but the other 30 teams will be in action. Let’s take a look … Read More