Being in affiliate marketing is something that is not for everyone. It takes time, patience and a certain set of skills to excel in the affiliate world. Many people have the false expectations that they will be able to just “launch a website” and start making millions of dollars. That’s simply not true. Work, time, hours, money all go into becoming a successful affiliate. Today, we are going to look at a few of the best affiliate marketing practices to help you become a successful affiliate.

Communicate & Negotiate

The first tip may seem pretty basic to you — but it’s crucial in your journey as an affiliate. You must communicate with your affiliate manager(s). Let them know your plans and goals. They may be able to help you or assist you in ways you don’t know. Talk to them about your commission rates. It never hurts to negotiate those rates, because every percentage matters. Don’t wait and expect the affiliate managers to reach out to you. Take the action and communicate with them.


Content is Still King

The term “content” is changing and growing as the years go on. What do we mean by content? Blogs, websites, live video, infographics, podcasts, emails, images and more! All of that makes up your content portfolio. Have content is one huge way you can drive traffic to your affiliate offers. And in the end — that’s what increases conversions as an affiliate. So spend time planning out a content strategy and then putting it into action.

Take Action

Speaking of action — that’s the next best practice! Stop consuming and more action! The world is full of information. You could literally spend 24 hours straight digesting content and learning, and still not feel like you’ve seen everything. As an affiliate, it’s easy to fall into the trap of information overload. You want to read every article and make sure you are 100% prepared for this affiliate journey. But that’s also a TRAP. You must take action on what you learn and what you already know. Without action, you can’t grow your affiliate business. TAKE MORE ACTION.

Take Action


After you have your content rolling and you are actively working as an affiliate, it’s time to track and tweak your campaigns. What’s working? What’s not working? Try different placements and font sizes for your call to actions. You will find that with a small bit of effort, you can increase the conversions and ultimately increase your revenue. If you find a campaign is not profitable, ditch it and move on to another offer.

There are dozens of best practices to help affiliates be successful. But these are a few that really stand out and should help you get better at what you do. Good luck!