5 Sportsbook Affiliate Tips that Will Help You Deal With the NFL Postseason

The NFL Postseason is one of the most lucrative times to be a sportsbook affiliate. But, if you aren’t prepared for the 3-4 weeks of “madness” that comes with the NFL Postseason, you will miss out. Every January, the weekends are filled with NFL Playoff games that all sports … Read More

6 Rules to Help You Navigate Super Bowl 51

Every year, the Super Bowl is the most bet upon event, sports or otherwise, in the world. More money is bet on the Super Bowl than what’s bet on all the NFL games during the regular season and in the playoffs combined. That’s a lot of dough on a single … Read More

Top three mistakes made when betting on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 51 is coming up, and we are hoping to make sure you are all ready for betting on the Big game. The game will be played in Houston Texas, and features the New England Patriots going face to face with the Atlanta Falcons. Historically over time, we have … Read More

Facts You Didn’t Know About the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 51 is coming soon to Houston Texas. In addition to all the NFL betting facts, there are a ton of things you have probably heard, whether they are true or not about the Super Bowl. The celebration around the annual Super Bowl is big since the game … Read More

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Best Ways to Get More Website Traffic via Social Media

Social Media is of course the craze of the world. The social media platforms available nowadays can be a necessary evil to create some brand presence, make people aware of the services you offer, as well as an invaluable source of traffic you can drive to your site. If you … Read More

Affiliate Deals

4 Ways Content Can Boost Your Affiliate Referrals

Being an online affiliate is all about one thing — the referrals! The goal of any affiliate is to refer people to a product or service and get a commission or referral fee back in exchange. So how do you get more referrals? If this was easy — everyone would … Read More


Affiliate Marketing Tips You Should Put in Practice

Being in affiliate marketing is something that is not for everyone. It takes time, patience and a certain set of skills to excel in the affiliate world. Many people have the false expectations that they will be able to just “launch a website” and start making millions of dollars. That’s … Read More

Understanding the Advantages of Futures Betting

One of the best parts of betting is predicting the outcome of future events, or even predict the performance of a specific team or athlete during the season. Future bets are one of the most popular and easiest wagers you can make. Although, there are many sports fans who are … Read More

Pay Per Click

The 5 Golden Rules of PPC

Running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to increase traffic, leads and sales can be a very lucrative idea for many affiliates. Sites like Google Ads, Facebook Ad Manager and Twitter Ads all offer PPC type models. The basic idea is you create an ad, you launch the add, they … Read More

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Most Memorable Super Bowls in NFL History

The Super Bowl is coming up in less than two months. The National Football League is getting to the postseason, which is the best time of year. The teams are undecided of course, and as always, it will be up for grabs once the postseason begins. It should be a … Read More