College Football Spoil Alert & Favorites You Should Bet Against on Week 5

Remember Week 1 of the NCAA Football season? It was a great week of games, but now Week 5 is going to rival that, and put together some great games. Let’s take a look at the college football game preview and spoil alert and favorites that you should bet against … Read More


Must Watch College Football games of Week 5

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Understanding the Paroli System

In the world of betting, you have to understand the Paroli System. The Paroli system is not super common, but it’s something you will want to educate yourself on. The system is a way of positive betting progression. It comes from the Latin term of par, which of course means … Read More

Social Media Tips to Promote Your Site

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Five Ways to Monetize with Affiliate Marketing

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NFL 2016 Week 2 Bettor’s Weekend Guide

Hopefully Week 1 in the National Football League was a great week for you in terms of betting. The National Football League saw some great games in Week 1, and appear to have some great games on the slate for Week 2. Let’s take a look at Week 2’s NFL Read More


How to Boost Your Growth With Affiliate Marketing

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Tips For Better Betting On The NFL This Season

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How to Handicap Teams Off a Demoralizing Loss

There is nothing worse than a team coming off a last second loss. A loss that simply could crush your season. Every year we see a handful of these games. An example would be a team coming in with a ton of hopes of winning the game, maybe even a … Read More

Alabama Crimson Tide College Football

Tips for Picking Which Games to Bet On When College Football Betting

The College Football Week 1 is almost done and the action is now in full swing! In same fashion as other sports and leagues, betting on College Football can be a ton of fun, and certainly can win you money throughout the season. There’s a  TON of games in the … Read More